About Us


Welcome to the HCD-Net.


The Human-Centered Design Organization (HCD-Net) is a nonprofit organization for the advocacy and promotion of "Human-Centered Design (HCD)". It engages in a variety of activities including research, education, diffusion and advocacy, promotion, standardization and accreditation, and internationalization on the human-centered design.


Applying the HCD to the development of a wide variety of artifacts will have enormous positive effects in various areas and fields: engineers and managers can realize the essential usability factors and their merits; consumers will find the products very useful, and thus will have the motivation for purchasing better products; industry will realize the importance of usability and the necessity for human-centered design so that it can achieve a high-quality corporate identity.


In the last 20 years, various developments relating the usability have been achieved for the efforts in the user interface design and the universal design. In addition, there was an increasing attention to "ISO 13407" although the significance of human-centered design or usability is not yet fully been realized among stakeholders in product development. I believe and expect that the HCD-Net will make a substantial contribution in this respect.


I am expecting that the HCD-Net will become a part of the great tide of human-centered design. Your interest and active participation is strongly appreciated.


With sincere appreciation for your interests,


Masaaki Kurosu
President, HCD-Net, Japan