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Human-Centered Design Organization (HCD-Net) has started to think about "Human Centered Design" more than 10 years in Japan, as a non-profit organization.
It is already studied that point of view of HCD has very often fall off from the field of academic programs, industrial trainings, political actions by the government, therefore non-profit organization such as HCD-Net shall follow as its main action role.
HCD-Net is configured by professionals who have been worked for a long time in each field of academy or corporations, etc. HCD-Net activities had been started based on ISO 9241-210 (ISO 13407), though, members are still continuing their study on these standardizations. For detail activities on HCD-Net, see "About us".


Main activities of HCD-Net are 1. Research, 2. Education, 3. Diffusion and Advocacy, 4. Promotion, 5. Standardization and Accreditation, 6. Internationalization.
HCD-Net knows that there are many people who needs HCD considerations and information, such as system engineers & programmers, usability engineers & designers, user interface designers, information architects, developers of product plan or design, manufacturers and sales departments, or managers of these business areas.
Moreover, there are so many people who want to study about HCD, such as engineers in many fields, system engineers or programmers, graphic designers, product designers, service business field relations, governmental activities, and people who is thinking user interface is important. All they are the target of the promotion activities.





If you need any contact to HCD-Net, you are welcome.



HCD-Net Headquarter

Attn. Human Centered Design Organization
c/o Sociomedeia,Inc.3F Modelia Colors.36-13 Wakamatsu-cho,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo,162-0056,Japan
E-mail : secretariat@hcdnet.org

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