May 19, 2012 at Tokai University, Tokyo

 * Keynote Speaker Professor Takashi Iba "Experience Mining and Sharing by Laguage Patterns"

 *3 parallel sessions and a reception followed.

 *More than 150 participants



at Nagoya

  1 April 28, 2012  40 participants

     "Visual Method in HCD + Workshop"

     *Lecturers: Mr. Satoshi Asano, Prof. Tadashi Kobayashi

  2 May26, 2012  31 participants

     "Observation in HCD + Workshop"

    *Lecturers: Mr. Satoshi Asano, Prof. Tadashi Kobayashi

  3 June 30, 2012  40 participants

     "Story Telling in HCD + Workshop"

    *Lecturers:Mr. Yohei Sakai, Prof. Tadashi Kobayashi

  4 July 14, 2012 31 participants

     "Report from Overseas conferences, User Experience Value Analysis for UXD + Workshop"

     *Lecturers: Mr. Hideyuki Hirano, Prof. Masaya Ando

  5 August 25,  28 participants

     "DIY Usability Test"

     *Lecturer: Mr. Tetsuya Tarumoto

  6 September 29, 2012

     "XB Method + Workshop"

     *Lecturer: Ms. Naoka Misawa

at Shizuoka

  1 July 31, 2012 16 participants

     "DIY Usability Tes"

     *Lecturer: Mr. Tetsuya Tarumoto

at Osaka

  1 August 18, 13 participants

      "Story Telling in HCD + Workshop"

    *Lecturer:Mr. Yohei Sakai

at Yokohama

     October 7, 2012

      "Replay of Papers and Posters presented in other conferences"

    *Speaker:Mr. Kondo, Mr. Wakisaka, Prof. Yamazaki, Mr. Mizumoto, Mr. Asano, Prof. Ando, Prof. Kamihira, Ms Waida

at Shibuya

     November 28, 2012  67participants

     "Comprehensive Design -Principles of IA"

     *Lecturer: Mr. Hasegawa



 No. 27  May 23, 2012  35 participants

     "Web Service and Globalization from HCD viewpoint"

     *Speakers: Mr. Oguri, Mr. Tachihara, Mr.Kondo

 No. 28  July 3, 2012   37 participants

     "Marketing and UXD"

     *Panelist:Mr. Hirohiko Takahiro, Prof. Masaya Ando, Mr. Atsushi Hasegawa

No. 29  August 8, 2012  48 participants

     "HCD and Society"

     *Speakers: Mr. Katahiko Nomura, Mr. Kouichi Wakasugi, Prof. Kazuhiko Yamazaki

No. 30  Sept 21, 2012 at Kobe   42 participants

     "HCD and Results: Case Studies"

     *Speakers: Mr. Ariyoshi, Ms Kohno, Ms.Tsukuda, Mr. Watanabe, Ms. Yamagishi, Prof. Yamazaki

No.31 November 21, 2012   27 participants

     "HCD and Service Design"

     *Reports by Mr. Kondo, Mr. Hasegawa.

     *Panel Discussion: Mr. Kondo, Mr. Hasegawa, Prof. Yamazaki

For Corporate Members  December 21,2012  34 participants

     *Lecturers: Ms. Baba, Mr. Mizuta, Mr. Honda, Mr. Sueyoshi.

     *Round table discussion


World Usability Day in Japan

November 8, 2012   32participants

     "Usability in Global Business Scenes"

    *Speaker Mr. Kimura

    *Panel Discussion: Mr. Noda, Ms. Hamachi, Mr.Watanabe


HCD Research Proceedings

December 14, 2012 92 participants

    *10 long sessions, 5 short sessions, and 4 posters presented.



*SciFi-SIG: Online and Offline meetings, and reports

*Kansei-SIG:Online and Offline meetings

*Certified HCD Professional 3rd Gathering

  November 22, 2012  16 participants.